Satellite Direct Readout Conference
Collage images of earth, POES and GOES satellites in space
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Opportunities for Sponsors

In order to minimize costs to attendees no registration or vendor exhibit fees will be charged. The opportunity exists for sponsors to provide coffee breaks during the week, to extend a complimentary one-hour icebreaker being provided by the conference hotel, and/or to offset costs for the No Host Dinner. (Conference organizers will allot incoming funds to highest priority needs.)

NOAA/NESDIS contractors may not act as sponsors per guidance from our Department of Commerce Ethics and Law Division. Other contributors may be vetted by DOC Legal to ensure no conflict of interest or violations of appropriations law.

Sponsors will be acknowledged at the following levels:
  1. All Sponsors will be acknowledged in the Sponsor List Included with each Participant's Registration Packet and on the Conference Website
  2. Bronze Level: $1000 or more: Acknowledgement in each Participant's Registration Packet via a separate flyer or notation on Exhibitor's Flyer if sponsor is an Exhibitor
  3. Silver Level: $2500 or more: Acknowledgement (Signage) at a specific event (i.e. break) to be chosen by Conference Organizers
  4. Gold Level: $5000 or more: Permanent Acknowledgement (Signage) during Conference

Please email to: to be considered as a conference sponsor.