Satellite Direct Readout Conference
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Call for Abstracts Poster

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Call For Abstracts
NOAA's 2008 Satellite Direct Readout Conference
December 8-12, 2008

Call for Papers or Posters
Do you currently receive NOAA satellite data with your own ground receive station?Are you a provider of ground station equipment?Do you make scientific use, value added products, emergency management decisions with received data? If so, the 2008 Direct Readout Conference is a great way to share you experiences and learn about the future of direct readout.

The 2008 Satellite Direct Readout Conference is the 8th Conference organized and supported by NOAA to provide information regarding the direct readout from meteorological and environmental satellites and prepare users for upcoming changes to both satellite series.The goal and expectation is for strong international collaboration. Past conferences have attracted audiences from 30 to 40 countries.

The conference will consist of speaker presentations, poster sessions, and many opportunities for user feedback.

Abstracts and corresponding posters are solicited for this conference on both current and future geostationary and polar satellites. This includes topics pertaining to instruments, products and applications. Of special interest are posters describing examples of the link between research and operations (or between operations and research).

Please send your abstracts electronically via email to . Please indicate your preference for an oral presentation or a poster. NOAA conference personnel will choose the format most suitable to showcase your work. Posters will be given maximum exposure, with ample time for presenter and audience interaction.

Abstracts must be no more than one page in length, in 12 point Times New Roman font.

Call for Posters: Deadline October 31, 2008

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